Love take my hand, we can’t rest yet
I will go with you the extra mile
Look at the distance we’ve covered
How far we have come
We’ve gone past the copse of snow
Past the dry burning sands
We’ve done it all to leave our pasts
Let’s us put to death the eyes of the past
Let’s us find a tomorrow and leave all this sorrow
Let us seal each other’s promise one more time
Put your lips once more upon mine
I know the hurt and the fatigue
I will help you walk through the night
I know the fear of wondering if only sadness awaits
I know a long time ago you gave up
You let them change you and chain you
You gave up the right to your life
Like a body dehydrated by the hot burning sun
But I brought to you a fresh stream to your veins
I took in you in my arms…
You have seen how strong I am
You know I can raze a whole abyss
I will slay the beasts if they dare to approach us
Before we undertook this trip I took all the weapons you gave me
You prepared my soul for a fight, awakening the warrior within me
I can defeat the reptile’s disdain clothed in disappointment
I can defeat their deadly envy for I have a sacred ointment
Nothing exhausts me, not even the strongest storm
For I have awaken, and my rightful place in life I am taking