As I settle in front of you, I look into your eyes
I watch the space where your voice seeks me
I see you look at me from your hidden place
How long has it been?
I shutter to encounter the unexpected pain
Like thirst you approach to the edge of my shadow
Hide, let me forget, I don’t want to remember
But you find a hole in the light of my mirror
I start to see as memories creep in
Loneliness clothes me
Only in the night do I exist.
I will never stop more than the time needed
For I know you will lean to keep calling me
I dream and imagine I am someone else
Let the horrors be buried
Shake the sad sack and the inherited language
Tell the words of dark stories that only you know
Tell them how scared we are of each other’s presence
Tell them how our laughter, pain, dreams and hatred have combined
Tell then how scared you are that I won’t come back.
Sometimes as you question me I recognize you and run to another darkness
At the end of a hug, I bitterly find my cry and my own desires
That’s why I split, I unfold and sink in different wounds
It frightens me to find you for your sound is mine
Your sadness, your tarnished bloody clothes, your haunted memories
They know me and I remember the pain attached
I remember as I reconcile time
The only times where our bloods where in conjunction
Stop looking back at me
Just tell me what can I do to save you
I want to show you the rainbows…the laughter
I want to show you the strength…the beauty of our soul
Please take my hand and let me makes us whole
Let me take you out of the abyss they put us in
Let me give you back what they stole
For I need you as you need me; let us together soar
I say all these to the child locked in my reflection on the mirror
Let us shake the horror, the error of their ways
Let me bring you near.