Fire roars in the background as she dresses
I see the slow transformation of herself
Like a beautiful photograph coming to life
As she dresses I hear the rain outside my window
I feel my blood distill itself
Like a wild mythical creature she dresses
She introduces her legs into her stockings
Like crystal her shadow is against the wall
The candles flicker, my blood boils
Just throw a handful of diamonds on the floor
My mind repeats the thought
Let me save you beautiful creature
My time is over, I cannot touch her
She’s still dressing as I slowly see her body transform
Her body, a conquering ship that crosses waters
Secret waters held deep inside each one of us
Her soul full of corrosive trauma
Her trauma adds to her beauty taking you places you’ve never gone before
Hidden places locked deep, unimaginable to the average mind
Hidden from the untrained mind, hidden from the naked eye
Hidden from those too afraid to face themselves
The room shakes under her commanding steps
Like a Roman commander she owns the room, she owns you
She turns around and smiles
A smile so beautiful, tormented yet full of shine
As if it had been painted by the crying brush of a tortured artist
I can now feel the artist’s torture
Let me save you cries my heart, but my lips won’t make a sound
If I utter the words out loud, I know it will be our last time
She looses her balance as her Jersey falls over her breasts
I want to reach for her hand, but know I can’t
A dark Jersey to match the darkest parts of her mind
A golden metal looking skirt to match her light and her detachment
A rainbow scarf brings life to her eyes as it chokes her while she smiles
Seven times she rolls the scarf around her throat
Seven laps of pain
Dark shadows, red lips, dark coal lines to highlight her eyes
She looks up, she looks at me, she raises her eyebrows with pride
Untouchable she is
She lets you own her body but her soul has no master
Do not get too close for her soul will own you
What a beautiful tortured dream she is
She looks up at me and I know she sees deep inside of me
Her beautiful big eyes hold a gaze as if beyond a grave
Outside on the street the rain has stopped
She puts on her black long heeled shoes which propel her figure
And after one last contemplation of herself before the mirror
I hear the resounding door as it opens and closes
There she goes…She is now gone
I get dressed quickly and run after her
Let me save you cries my soul
Too late for I am only faced with the smell of dirt and grass
Dirt and grass mixed with the delicate scent of her perfume
Her scents reigns strong…strong and gentle
Her aroma unquenchable regardless of her absence
Her aroma brings order and peace to my soul
I live to see you again once more