Do not be sad…smile
Tears you’ve carried all along are finally shed
Take it slow…each tear can help you water a rose
Each rose an untold story you hid for so long
Smile, you are cleansing your soul
Do not pretend you weren’t hurt
I see deep into the darkest parts of you
I can see the man hiding the wounded child
Smile, you are not alone…you won’t ever be again
Do not be sad because you haven’t reached the stars
Take my hand…I will gently guide you there
Smile, do not magnify your pain
Stop your mourning or you will miss all that surrounds you
Do not let others decide for you
I know their silence hurts
Who made them judge and jury?
I will show you your strength, your greatness and value
Do not be sad, defeat is but an illusion…
Whatever love and acceptance they deny you, my heart offers you tenfold
Smile for when the world denies us something, the universe delivers instead
I know you triumphs will be great. So, let’s live and enjoy!
The boy has become a great man…rejoice!
Do not feel alone…you are not
Take my hand, let’s contemplate the moon and I will reveal her secrets
Sometimes she seems sad as she feels alone
Her happiness diminishes over time
Yet she is conscious her recovery will come
Suddenly she is renewed and brighter than ever
Do not be sad…give time to time
Let the winds take care of their houses built on sand
Love of your life you call me… and you are mine
“Promise” you won’t leave… you asked of me
I will remain by your side
I can still feel your lips on mine, more loving than ever
For you are my sailor and I am your safe house
Let’s us be free of our pasts and sail under the enchanted moon
“Keep your eyes on me” you say. My darling nowhere else will they be
I am the fighter ready to pick up shield and sword
I am the cooling water to your aching soul
You are the fire to my darkness, the spring to my winter
The soft wind that to my heart whispers
Let me heal all of your wounds
I am no enchantress nor fairy, but I identify myself with you
Our souls intertwined they are for eternity and more
With each touch, each kiss, each joy, each struggle…fused we are
Smile…Take my hand…Let’s shine!
Smile …Just Smile…!!!