Beautiful traveler with whimsical dreams
Chained to nostalgic times
Afraid to expand your wings…you awake among fears
Fears gnawed in this aberrant world of insatiable beings
Who in their blindness pretend to hold the banner of life with kindness
And furiously they suck the decency of those who crave to look past
Beautiful madness you carry in your cocoon
Beautiful madness that covets to see the light in every being
Do you not realize that you’ll get burned?
They try to burn you because of your heart
Your heart full of love which you intend to offer
Oh you poor demented beautiful creature
You seek worlds and illusions long ago lost
You seek to bring light to hardened souls
Fly to the horizon before their infamy harms you
They seek to crush you…they seek to silence you
Fly you beautiful creature before they condemn you
Fly towards the lands of milk and honey and light

Beautiful creature fly away
Save yourself…
But you won’t, will you?
Oh you poor magnificent creature
You want to submerge yourself in that which has brought you happiness
Dive then, dive…dive into the sea of peace
Let others breathe for the first time at the look of your noble gait
Fly beautiful creature…fly with the conviction of your being
In the light of your essence your wings keep the caresses
Caresses which for centuries you wanted to deliver
Collected kisses full of furor
Loving, pampering, sweetest touch
All delivered with a loving smile
Your eyes have the frank look of a beautiful sunrise
They are all gifts you will give to the one that truly loves you
Fly butterfly…fly…
Let your light finally shine!