What hides within your soul?
I see your fake pride and guilt
Your words do not resonate
They have no life
Your look is bleak as you fake a smile
Do not forget your past
That which you try so hard for others not to see
Enjoy your present
Like a precious nest build your future
You wonder if I hate you…I just see right through you
The things you do to me…the ones you hide from others
Afraid one day they will find out all of your games
Is it worth living behind a mask?
Clean yourself and seek the peace within

What hides within your soul?
There is no color in your life
You want to control everything
You raise your fist by playing games
You generate sadness within my soul
You tried to hurt me one more time
Stupid games in which you hide
Silence doesn’t calm your empty soul
You don’t have anything!!!
Although your armour appears to shine
Your conscience is grim and dark

Your latest game I will keep secret
For it raises nothing in me but pity

What hides within your soul?
Years accumulated which now weigh on you
You forgot humility as fake pride blinded you
Years have passed yet nothing is enough for you
Stop now if you wish to save yourself
If you want to leave a trace of your existence
Drop your fake pride and start your awakening

Listen to the call of humility
Learn to truly forgive and take responsibility
Stop the stupid games and instead try to build
Drop your fake pride and come down to earth
Breathe and feel as you clean your being
Do not destroy with your words and games
Hear the song of peace. Live and let live!

What hides within your soul?!!!!