Most of us live our adult lives as confused children. What do I mean by that?. Imagine a child holding a mirror and staring at her reflection. She becomes so fascinated by what she sees that she forgets who she is. Not only that, but if you watch carefully, when she wants to fix something on her hair that is out of place she does it by clumsily attempting to fix the wrong side. She is focus on the wrong side because mirrors offer a distorted image of oneself. As we grow up we tend to approach life in the same way that child attempted to fix her hair by looking at herself in the mirror. We focus on the wrong things.

When we look at our mirror, what are we looking for?. We usually look at the mirror to make sure that we are neat and tidy, to see how the outfit looks; does it make our butt look big? are we pretty enough?.
Ultimately what we are looking for is reassurance.

Instead of looking for reassurance, we need to start looking for revelation. How do we do this?, by looking not into a distorted image but rather by looking at a true mirror; the one within ourselves.
Let us not forget that social reformation begins not at a group scale, but rather within oneself.

When we look at remarkable individuals (remarkable not by monetary success instead those who have achieve what they set out to do), you find that the thing they have in common is that they have nothing in common.

Whether you are looking at Geophysicists, politicians, singers, actors, the everyday person, the trait that links them, the one thing that makes them remarkable, is that they have figured out their unique gift; the one the universe gave them. They embrace it by putting it to the service of their goals. When we do this we become complete.

Discovering your unique gift doesn’t dictate your job choice; it dictates HOW you do it!. Those remarkable people become in our eyes larger than life, but how is that possible?!.

Life is very large, however most of us live as if we have to apologize for our own existence. We try to take as little space as possible when the universe intended so much more for us!

Individuality really is all it is cracked up to be. People who embrace their individuality, their weirdness, those people shine as if they have swallowed a shooting star, or the moon.

Your job is not to be like anyone else, not even like those remarkable people that have changed our history and many lives. Your job is to be as different from anyone else as you can, because you are you and they are they.
Be as good as being you as they are being themselves.

One way to start becoming yourself is by asking yourself not what you expect of life, but rather what does life expect of you.
Why do I say these?, because you don’t know when it will be your last day on this planet. If we look at it statistically, in well develop countries you can have a life expectancy of 80, however in certain parts of the world your life expectancy can be as little as mid thirties. So you don’t have a lot of time to figure these things up.

Our lives are but a spec in the universe continuum. Most of us take our everyday mundane tasks too seriously, allowing stress and other less important things to dictate how our lives are carried. We forget who we are!.

There are two stages in our lives in which we are amazing at being ourselves. One of them is when we are little kids. Kids are amazing at embracing their weirdness, they do not try to hide it, they just are.

The other stage during which we are amazing at being ourselves is when we are old. When we hit that stage, we realize there is not much time left. Everything intensifies, and so we challenge the rules more and we learn to say no.
“NO, I am going to be me”.
You become more honest, less compromising, more authentic. At that stage in our lives we no longer care to impress anyone.

When we meet people who embrace themselves, who do not compromise, and who will tell you what they think openly, we call them eccentric or rebellious.
Why do we do that?, because they challenge us to look in and remember who we are. If one isn’t ready to look in, then the interaction with such person will make us uncomfortable.

People go around saying “Life starts once you get out of your comfort zone”. I notice a lot of people saying it without understanding what they are saying. Uncomfortable can be good, not just when trying new sports or foods, but when challenging our beliefs.

Ever since I was a little girl. I liked to question things. To me life always seemed more than what was in front of me. As a young adult I invested my time in joining different religions and groups. The more I did this, the more I could not understand why people fought so much over what seems to me, the same thing. I couldn’t imagine any God being proud of any of it.

The mixture of my learnings along with my many mistakes, and the many hurts impose by others led me to embrace spirituality. There is a saying “Religion is for those who are afraid of going to hell, spirituality is for those who have been there”. I believe it.
Sometimes you have to go through the worst to understand the fullness of this life and your part in it.

I am not saying leave your religion. I am expressing my personal experiences with different ones.
If your religion makes you a better person, then good for you.

Most religions teachings aren’t the problem; to me the problem lies in the limited interpretation of those teaching it. God is not limited to one book or one building or one day a week. God is the infinite universe, which you can find and understand within yourself.

We say God/the universe has expressed itself in everything there is. Damn right!.
Look around you, do you see everything looking the same? Hell no!.

Nature is a big example; it is so diverse. We are also expressions of this great force, and just like in nature we are very diverse/different. I don’t have to act like you to go to a heaven somewhere. My purpose in life is to be me, and yours to be you.

To summarize; we can not go back to being children and waiting to be old would be foolish.

It seems to me the solution is to embrace ourselves as we did in childhood. If we can combine the magic and authenticity of just being us as we were during our childhood, with the wisdom life’s lessons has taught us so far; that’s when we start to embrace ourselves.

I believe it is then we start the journey within ourselves, the one that helps us rediscover who we were meant to be. As we do this life becomes fuller and we start to see the immense possibilities.

Our perception of the world changes as we go from seeing and treating ourselves as little ants to the awesome beings that we are–that we have always been!