You are a lonely soul
on a path with much darkness
Your sobbing heart still cries out
Betrayal, heartbreak
They committed such injustice
Yet your smile you do not lose
In this ongoing battle called life.
Lonely dark nights
The haunted memories of their horror
The screams and the pain still haunt your soul
Confusion and tears, wondering why
All of it makes for endless nights.
But those nights do not exhaust your hope
The memories are like roses with thorns
Yet you still look for their velvety touch
In your soul you carry the memory of them as buds.
Before any darkness touched it
Your heart you protected with the power of a white hallow
Innocence mixed with horror
And now here you stand
Beautiful as ever yet still scare inside.
Your eyes reveal so much more
They are like deep sacred pools
Only few can touch
Even less are allowed to submerge in your waters
Your beauty is for all to see
But only the brave of heart can handle your spirit
Sweet and innocent
Strong and fierce
Inside of you a dragon still guards the dame
While others fear the dragon
It has been tamed at your hands
It became your ally and friend
Protected you while others tried to wake you
At a time that was not your time
Now you are awake. Awake and alive.
The brightness that used to be far, is now by your side
It is outlining you, as you take a deep breath
A breath of happiness, as it outlines a smile on your face.
Dark solitude is cold
Even though you sought its warmth
There was no heat or fire to be found
Just a shiver of feelings
Thorns in your hands, as colourless tears rolled down your cheeks
The emptiness caused in your life sought to eat the idealism in you
Beat the loneliness and its monstrous grasp!!!
Do not let its darkness bewitch you
Open your eyes to the world
Let your light shine.
A light so powerful emanates from you
A new dawn is born
Heal your wounds with your desire to live!
Dark, dark loneliness
You turned loneliness into solitude
You taught your darkness to be your friend
Others wonder how you tamed the monster
During your nights of nostalgia
You talked to it of your pain
It understood its presence is sour in your sweet days
Yet you don’t blame it for its only the reflection of the hurts imposed.
You have learned that life goes on
That there is a lot in you to offer
A lot to live for.
Through the horrors you did not stop dreaming
Do not let anything stop you
Go your way firmly and decisively.
Today you pushed your fears aside
And threw them into the void
To the lonely darkness you bring the light of your love
And you take them to your heart
Full of tenderness and passion
Peace and joy have won again!