Are you a leader or a follower?. This seems to be the big question in many of our minds. The debate for what we really need continues. In order to better understand which one are we, and which serves us best, we need to look at the root of things. At the root of the debate lies words.
Words are power, and for those of you who do not know the power of words, I invite you to take a deeper look at how words can help build or hurt others.

But words can do more than just that. So let me give you 3 power laws that focus on the power of words.

1) The Words We Use Every Single Day, Have Great Impact.-

How many of us say “yes” when we really mean to say “no”?. Many of us tend to do it many times during the day. Many of us tend to do it when we feel saying no will either be seen as rude, or if we feel our truthful answer will hurt the other person’s feelings. However in simply agreeing when we would rather not, we rob ourselves of the opportunity to experience healthy relationships (whether filial, romantic, or otherwise).

Words empower us because they are vibrations, as such we can use the power of words to prime our brain. It helps us realize our inner dialogue has a tremendous effect on how we see life.

The problem seems to reside when people automatically assume they do not have any power over their thoughts. People are so used to the process of knee jerk thinking that they assume there is no process to it. Wrong!. The thinking process is no different than the walking process. When we were little someone taught us to walk, then we learned to run. It did not happen automatically; the same goes for thinking. The process of thinking starts with a thought, and thoughts can be changed!.

Our inner dialogue, comes from our inner thoughts, which come from memory. If we choose to reprogram our mind, then our inner dialogue will change. This process like learning to walk is at first a conscious one, over time it becomes a reflexive one. The upside of it is; unlike a negative inner dialogue a positive one brings with it inner power which in turn helps us manifest better/more positive results in our lives.

It does not matter how much you work on the outside; physically or at anything you do; be it your job, relationships, etc. If your inner dialogue is a negative one, nothing you achieve will satisfy you.

Also consider that anything you can achieve with a negative inner dialogue is nothing in comparison to what you could achieve with a positive inner dialogue; as now you are effectively focusing your energy on that which grows.

A good way of changing our thinking pattern is to pay attention to what we are reading, watching, or who we are surrounding ourselves with. Is not the amount of people in your personal life that matter, is the quality of the connection.

If you surround yourself with people whose only concern is to gossip, then you are not going to grow. People who have a tendency to gossip a lot, usually lead empty lives, the only things you will get from those interactions are negativity. Small talk is natural among all of us, but if that is all you have then you leave no room for improvement.

Another example is how people every morning start their day. They start by reading the newspaper which is usually full of negative events. What that does, is to prime your brain into thinking the world is an unsafe place in which you need to be careful and not to trust anyone. It can desensitize you; it can turn you into a sarcastic person who only expects the worst.

I am in no way suggesting that one should not be informed. What I am saying however is that before you reach for something negative make sure you are grounded. One can do this by starting the morning priming your brain in a positive way; be it meditating mentally, affirmations, positive readings, or moving into your body (running, walking, yoga, etc). Priming your brain for positivity first, will help you take on the challenges of the day without loosing yourself, because whatever you focus on grows. You turn into that which you are more connected with.

Words are vibrations, they are sounds. Our whole universe is a big symphony, therefore one needs to try to harmonize that symphony. Some people do this by rewiring their brain, others by moving into their body, or giving yourself a new name.

Names are powerful. Most of us feel that the name we were given at birth, is the one we should have. Let me remind you again, words are sounds, they are vibrations, and they have a numerical order which matches our universe’s order. The Kabbalah teaches about it; this was general knowledge in the ancient sacred schools. One can learn more about it, in the science of numerology.

Names are representations or symbols. The key lies in the association. If you call yourself a certain name that carries a positive association, that primes your brain. It subconsciously helps us remember who we are.

In this day an age is so evident the process of awakening that is taking place in the world. We are moving from a doctrinaire estate into an spiritual one.
A doctrine, leaves no room for questioning. Any questions, are limited within certain beliefs. Spirituality welcomes the search. It embraces knowledge for it knows the more you learn the more you seek, the more you come to understand yourself, and as such you understand your surroundings better.

Many people are spreading more and more positive thoughts, however without radical action the impact of the thoughts being shared is minimal.

2.- Thoughts And Believes.- “Change your thoughts, to change your mind”.

Many of us spend a lot of time thinking, without any radical action.

We currently live in a world that is divided, where the ego matters more than the heart.
The secret lies on thinking less (I am not talking about knowledge; I am talking about knee jerk thinking reaction).

During our first 7 years we are programmed and whatever we are taught becomes not only the foundation for how we will see the world, but also becomes our habits. Habits, becomes our subconscious behavior; which form 95% of our actions. See the correlation there?. Only 5% of our actions are conscious.

So we need to question, every belief we have, where did it come from. Did it emanate from you?, or did someone teach you?.
Who taught you not to talk to certain kind of people? Who taught you what was right and wrong? Is it right? Is it wrong?.
Taking a closer look at our pattern of thinking is the way to discover who we are. Not who we think we are, but who we are at our core.

The most liberating feeling arises, when we realize that we are not victims of our circumstances, but co-creators of our reality.
Even when bad things happen to us, we are not victims. A victim can not help themselves. If we take that mentality then others will victimize us even more.
If we look at ourselves as co-creators, then we have the power. Maybe we can not change what happened, but we can change how we will react to it, and hence be able to change our future.

Epigenetics (Epi; from the Greek word meaning above): It teaches us how our thoughts, environment and perceptions, influences our genes. What that means is that one can choose to be anything we want. It leaves no room to carry the mistakes of others in your family tree, or your past. You can therefore be anything you want to be, it depends on how badly you want it. How hungry for it are you?.

Again the key lies in questioning your belief system. There are so much lies in what has been taught to us on who we really are.
We need to question how what we are taught assists us on who we are becoming. If you see what you are learning is not helping you to develop, then you have the choice to leave it, and focus your time on something more productive.

Your time is valuable. How do you spend your time? Do not waste your time on things that robotize you.
Power lies on accomplishing what you really want!

We need to learn to tune to the magic of the moment. Many of us we are stuck in the past. (I used to be one, or stuck in the future). We need to understand that the past can not be changed and the future will only be the result of today, so focus on today!.

The key to all of this is accepting who you are, which is the result of questioning your beliefs. Once you start questioning your beliefs (the roots of it all), then you start discovering and separating who you are from what others taught you/made you. In doing so, fear starts disappearing, and you start accepting there is no one else like you. You have no competition!.

Everyone is here for a different purpose. Stay focus on you!. Have fun and remember that no one is going to do what you want to do for you but yourself. Do not be dependent on others. There is a difference on counting on support from others or liking support from others vs assuming others have to take care of you, or to do everything for you.

Life is not race. Ultimately you can breathe!. For some of us, it can be so liberating to take a breath; a real one after years and years of impose beliefs and fears.
It ca be so liberating to let go. You let go of years of baggage that wasn’t even yours!. Now you end up feeling lighter. You learn to stand up, to be you!
We are taught to live for others, to put so much effort on the image others have of us. At the end all we end up with is images, not reality. It’s as if we are supposed to live apologizing for our own existence. How wrong is that!.

Develop a healthy perception of the world, but that only comes as a result of embracing yourself, which lies in questioning your beliefs. One step builds another. Its all based on our thinking, so let go of limited beliefs, no matter how old you are it’s never too late.

3.-Radical Action.-

The action of expanding; bringing an idea into reality. The ability to build momentum, which propels you to move forward. Radical action is a concept that governments are very familiar with.

The word government emanates from the latin “to govern your mind” or in plain wods “to control your mind”. So why not take radical action towards governing your own mind.

The success to achieving radical action lies not on thinking of an idea and then waiting for others to make it happen. It lies in realizing that all the resources lie within you. You have to make it happen.
You have to embrace the power of now, and take the steps to bring your idea to reality.

In ancient times, there was more harmony when it came to radical action.
In today’s age; because we live in reverse; radical action is a concept mostly used by those wishing to control, or take advantage.
Radical action should be something that each one of us puts in use, however it should not leave you depleted, bitter, angry, or sarcastic.

Let us not confuse a faster moving society with a more productive, happier society. True progress does not comes from only one aspect of self; production.

If we need to impress others with how much we have or when we have the need to be liked and accepted by everyone, then we are failing. No matter how much you have, you are dependent on your material things, or the opinion of others to define who you are.
What if you loose it all?. Do you stop being you?. That is the reason why many successful people when they fall, they can not get up again!. Others see them as a failure and because they placed so much value on the opinion of others, they believe they are a failure.

A successful society may not move as fast, but is one where people have peace and are more connected with themselves and their surroundings.

Is not about how boisterous you are, but on who you truly are. Have you faced your shadow? because facing your shadow truly requires mighty strength.
How much have you evolved as a person?. If you lost it all today would you still have a sense of self? or would it break you down completely.

Let us remember, simplicity is the highest form of sophistication!