This poem was written as a reflection not to let life go by…So many of us take each day for granted or the people we love for granted, and then one day we look back and all we are left with is an empty space which cannot be filled…
This poem is a reminder to do what you love, even if no one believes in you; for to do the opposite may take you to a place where one day you will toast to no one; for who you were, all your passion, your idealism, your strength, got lost long ago and were forgotten.

Lift up your cup filled with the finest of wines
Its warmth lost on your cold sensual lips
Pretend you have won
Smile in victory while your bowels boil.

They boil with guilt which feels like fire
Let the guilt of your whole life flood
Let it overwhelm and consume you
You will never return to what once was
You are no longer you.

A toast for what once was
The years carried off your sweetness and loyalty
Resentment won the battle
You have lost your way
There is no way back.

Come on! let’s toast today
Drink the poison of your bitterness
Taste your life served on shattered glass
Drink now, hurry for tomorrow will be too late
Tomorrow all will taste like pain and frustration.

Do not break your glass
It will not erase what you have done
It will not erase your actions and cowardice
All you will see will be blood shed for your treason.

Night will fall and will avenge what you did to your sun
Your life spilled with no light in sight
A mantle of agony succumbs your mind.

Raise your glass and toast
Intoxicate your veins and relax
Numb that which cannot be numb
Your sorrows, your pain.

Keep toasting for today is your turn
Celebrate how your life is now gone
Drink while you have strength
For everything has an end!