Ever since I was a kid I’ve been fascinated by ancient cultures; specially the Egyptians and the Incas.  Through my growth as a metaphysical person I’ve come to discover so many wonderful teachings along the road.  Today I would like to share a few proverbs that can have a deep impact in our lives; so long as you are willing to apply them.

Ancient wisdom is one of the most valuable gifts we can offer ourselves. Sometimes we think because they are ancient it automatically means they are obsolete. We forget our world is not one of new discovery but one of rediscovery.  It is the circle of life and it will always balance itself out; whatever problems, issues, challenges we may think are new, really are not.  Our ancestors had to face the same things in their search for spiritual and technological growth.

It is my personal belief we would all benefit from expanding our knowledge by learning more about the people some of us consider “savages”.

The proverbs I will write about here all come from the Emerald Tablet.  Perhaps you know it better as the Smaragdine Tablet.  For those of you not familiar with the Emerald Tablet, it is a compact/cryptic piece reputed to contain the secret of the “Prima Materia” and its transmutation.  It is the foundation for the Hermetic tradition– in short the Emerald Tablet holds some of the most profound wisdom in the ancient world.

1.- As above so below: What does this mean?  Let’s start by making it more personal shall we? we can do so by simply putting differently “as within so without”.  This means if you are feeling like crap, chances are you will attract a lot of crap.  The same thing can be said for its opposite.  If you are feeling great inside, you will attract great people and things.

Ultimately what it means is that your internal state is really everything! So if you don’t become conscious of the thoughts you are thinking, don’t be surprise if you end up in a place surrounded by people who do not contribute to your growth. Our thoughts manifest our reality!.

2.- Know thyself and you will come to know the Gods: Most people who know of Socrates’ writings are familiar with this saying. … A little interesting fact; Socrates went to study or to “Initiate” in Egypt; perhaps now can you understand more why he respected philosophy and why he was a firm believer of mind and soul expansion.

“Know thyself and the kingdom of God will be revealed within you”.  A lot of the time we only seek answers through the external.  Others seek for answers within temples; believing God can be cage within a building… the answers are within you.  This world may have taught you not to trust your instincts but who else would know you better?  Who else can see the world through your eyes?  Who else knows your experiences better than you? Only you know what your soul and mind need in order to heal.  The problem doesn’t lie within whether or not you know what is good for you; the problem often lies in whether or not you choose to pick yourself over the opinion of the crowd.  It depends on whether or not you are willing to do the work in order to get better.

Do not be afraid to be alone; being alone is not the same as being lonely.  Realize wonderful people are not found in just one place, they can be found all around us.  When you start working on your self development, then you will start resonating with other people like you.

3.- He who understands music, will understand the cosmos: Music conveys most emotions. Music is all about vibration, so the next time you are listening to something pay attention to what that is conveying for you. Is it happy? Remember music is a personal expression, so don’t worry about others not understanding your “tune” just make sure what you are listening to does not negate you but nurtures you.

This proverb also represents our ability to “tune” ourselves.  When we are learning a new instrument it requires patience and perseverance. You need to tune your instrument so that you may play beautiful music.  Your soul is that instrument and it requires constant tuning and practice.  Remember to be patient with yourself and don’t let others keep you from resonating at a higher level. This cannot be done inside any building, this can only be done inside of you!.

4.- He who follows his heart will never go astray: How many times have you followed your heart and ended up in the most beautiful place?  If you follow your heart instead of your fears, you will have more peace and chances of taking the wrong path will lessen.  No matter what others think, if you follow your heart you will end up in the path that is unique for you!.

5.-A beautiful thing is never perfect: How many times do we strive for perfection in our lives? You want the perfect body? the perfect boyfriend? girlfriend? you want to be praise for being perfect?… Reality  is nobody is perfect!

When you realize no one is perfect and that a “normal” “perfect” life could lead to a stagnant mind, body and soul then you start to differentiate that there is no rule to “perfect”; what may be perfect for some may not be what is right for you. Nothing in this world is perfect and if you encounter a person who acts as perfect, recognize they are in their own state of denial. No one is perfect and  imperfection can create beauty.  Gold is refine by Fire!.

6.-Friendship doubles joy and halves grief: Who is around you? Connect with people who lift you higher because a lot of the times we are so afraid to be alone that we rather hang around people who makes us feel alone. Realize you deserve and are worthy of being around the best type of company!.

It is better to have one or two good friends than lots of friends who really are not contributing to your growth.  The more you develop internally the more you come to enjoy your solitude; solitude is not loneliness, isolation is loneliness.  So many of us are willing to sacrifice who we really are in exchange to be accepted by others who are in the same boat. The more you accept yourself and the more you love yourself, the more you enjoy your own company.  This means when you choose to be around others, is exactly that a choice, not a need!.

7.-He who chats to you about other people is probably chatting about you: So many of us get caught up in listening to gossip.  If someone is willing to gossip to you in order to be accepted and be your friend, then chances are they will do the same to you with others because of their need to be accepted and liked by everyone.  Encourage people to say what they have to say in front of the person they are talking about. Pay attention not to the words but whether or not they are willing  to repeat the same words in front of those whom they are speaking about?

8.-Know those who are faithful to you in low estate: When you are thriving suddenly everyone just starts appearing. What about the people who were there when others turned their back on you? What about those whom stood for you when others harmed or condemn you? Those people are the ones you need to focus on.  Stop chasing those who want nothing to do with you when you are at your lowest point, that is a waste of energy.

9.-When the angels come out;  the devils run away: You might be afraid to shine right now, you might be afraid of just how brilliant you are.  The angel frequency expresses itself when you are ready to acknowledge your greatness, when you are ready to acknowledge the power to change your life lies within you.  The more you take control of your life, the more you will be met with resistance otherwise called “haters”.  Focus on those who recognize how amazing you are and if no one else is doing that, don’t worry about it so long as you are doing it.

Recognize a lot of people can’t handle the power that comes and emanates from someone who is shining.  It can be hard for others to handle the power which emanates from your deep core; that is why a lot of the time you have haters. They can’t stand the fact that you can stand by yourself.  They are still young on their journey, as such they need the acceptance of others more than the desire to stand by what is just.

In ancient Egypt, the “initiates” were often judged by those who could not understand their journey.  Others could not handle the frequency their soul was at.  They did not resonate, why?… because those people who had undergone challenges and focused on growth of self and the mysteries of life were in a different state of awareness.  Keep in mind that two energies with different vibrations can not occupy the same space.  It is from there which the common version of angels/demons or good/bad was born.  The angels are an archetype for who we all are in our higher nature, while our lower nature are the devils.  That is why those who are working on themselves are living in their higher nature and those who live in their lower nature run away!.

In reality no one is really a devil or a an angel, we are all people at different stages of growth within our souls.  The more immature the soul is, the more it needs acceptance and the easier it is to accept doctrine rather than knowledge. What this proverb is simply pointing out is not that people are devils but that there are those who live within their  lower estate, who will try to bring you down.  Let your light blind them but do so without becoming a tyrant.  Remember where you were when you started.  Remember to embrace your darkness or dark moments; you can’t get to the light without having walked through the dark.  Wisdom comes from experience, the more “perfect” your life is, the higher the chances that your mind has not expanded, hence the saying “narrow minded”.   The less your mind expands, the more afraid you are at the idea of being alone or not accepted by others.

10.- Yesterday drunkenness wont quench your thirst today: How many times have you made mistakes and looking back at it you wonder “what the hell was I thinking?”.  Many of us have made mistakes, it is impossible to go through life without them.   Looking back at those times we might have chosen differently had we known then what we know now; however life makes no mistakes, whatever happened did so for your greater good.  In essence this proverb reminds us that every day is a new day.
Don’t be too hard on yourself, everyday you get a new chance.  You get the chance to make the same mistakes; in which case you have no one to blame but yourself; or you can choose to make choices which will benefit your growth.

It all comes down to our estate of mind and the people we surround ourselves with.  We are human, there are no saints! Sometimes you might do things which will lower your vibration but the most important part is to be gentle with yourself.  Ask yourself “what did I learn from that?” and move on.  You don’t need others to punish you.  You don’t need to punish yourself, you need to reward yourself and understand that you have the choice to grow from that experience.